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How to Be Successful with Goal Making for the New Year

The year 2017 is coming to an end & I’m ready to ring in 2018. I never knew how important it is to start off the New Year right, until this one (insert SpongeBob’s 22 years later voice). New year = new goals, new friends, new job, new finances, new style, just plain and simple: new. I’ve thought about my 2018 goals & realized I’m in a different place than I was last year and the year before that because with time…everything changes. That is just how life is. Things change, people change, and with that life changes. Looking back, I was always the one to say “oh, I’ll start that in the new year” and yeah, it never got started. Anyone else guilty? It’s okay, I know you are. Here are five ways feel less stressed about goal making in the New Year:

1. Reflect & plan

Look back on goals you made. Did you accomplish them? Did you blow them off? Were they realistic? Did they mean anything to you? Seriously…sit down for an hour and really think about the goals you made in the past. Think about what steps you took to achieve them and were they even possible to reach. Doing this will give you a better understanding of how to reach the goals you’re setting.

One of my goals in the past is to be healthier and go to the gym. Did I ever accomplish that? NO, I simply ate more pizza and sat on the couch. This year one of my goals is, again, to be healthier (& still eat tons of pizza) but this year, I am putting a plan into action. I started out with thinking what can I change and do to reach that goal. My first step was to get a new membership at a gym with more benefits, that way I’ll be more excited to go since I can do something “new/different”every day. My next step was scheduling the gym, put on your to-do list and schedule out an hour of your day.

2. Write it down

You’re most likely to remember your goals if you WRITE them down. Get a new agenda, notebook, etc., and scribble all through them. Post them on the wall at your work desk, on your bedroom wall, somewhere you’re going to see them all the time!! The more you what YOU wrote down, it will get stuck in your brain. AND make it pretty, colorful so that you are excited and stir up a little fire inside you to accomplish your goals.

3. Start taking a day for yourself

Pick a day out of the week (preferably Sunday) and take it for yourself! Draw a bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, and throw on a face mask. The more time you give yourself – the more your body and mind will thank you. It will give you a day to think about what you can do better, throw out the negatives, and put in the positives.

4. Ask others about their goals

You don’t have to make goals alone!! Ask others what their goals are for the new year. Challenge them to accomplish their goals & make sure they know to push you to accomplish yours. Turn it a game to make it more fun! My mom always asks me to “check” in to see where she’s at with hitting her goals.

5. Don’t say “there’s always next year”

I know for sure you are feeling guilty of this!! Everyone says it, it’s natural for us to want a fresh start. And yes, there is always next year, BUT there’s always next year to make different goals. Focus on the now and not the future (nor the past).

If you need someone to talk about your goals, email me/DM me/ call me, I’ll chat 🙂

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