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How to “Friendsgiving” Under $50

I love Thanksgiving…it has always been one of my favorites, next to Christmas. It’s one holiday that isn’t focused around a character or presents (Easter Bunny, Santa). We solely focus on our blessings & thankfulness towards each other.  Also, one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is throwing or attending a “Friendsgiving.” A modern twist on Thanksgiving but with FRIENDS! It’s so fun to get together with friends, eat, enjoy each others company, drink wine, and play games. WELL, that’s my ideal Friendsgiving.

Two other Pittsburgh bloggers, Marah from Marah Frank and Dannie from Unconditionally Creative, and I put together a Friendsgiving under $50!

Here’s how:

1. The host cooks the turkey, the guests brings the rest. Assign people different dishes to bring. One friend is in charge of the potatoes, another is in charge of the desserts. This way the host doesn’t get to stressed with cooking everything. PLUS, it’s a ton of money to buy the food + decorations + booze. Delegate, split up, and conquer!

2. BYOB. Bring your own booze. I like wine. My friends like beer and liquor. If you tell everyone BYOB, they can be satisfied with whatever they bring to drink.

3. Use your own space. You can host your Friendsgiving right out of the comfort of you home or apartment.

4. There are cheap decorations. I repeat there are cheap holiday decorations. & you can even craft them! The cork and gold chargers are from the DOLLAR STORE. Yes, you read correctly; the dollar store. The flowers for the center piece are also from the dollar store. The leave plates, the napkins, and the utensils are from Target; all under $7. The gold and white pumpkins are from Marshall’s. The candle holders are from my mom’s closet. So yes, it is possible to find cheap, but CUTE, decorations.

It’s as simple as that!


  • Send reminders! Make a list of who’s bringing what. Send it out once in the beginning of planning and three days before Friendsgiving happens
  • Don’t forget to make a toast! & Make sure thanks is involved because your friends helped make Friendsgiving as much as you
  • As well as food +booze, have your guests bring games (cards against humanity, apples to apples, what do you meme?)
  • Provide containers so your friends can take left overs home
  • These are your friends coming over, not your in laws! Don’t stress, they’re coming to enjoy good food and good company
  • Don’t forget to take pictures, these memories last forever.

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