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The Meaning behind The Eccentric Edition

Hey, hey, hey! If you’re new around here, I’m Maranda! So glad you’re here. If you’re visiting again, welcome back to the bigger and better me, The Eccentric Edition. You’re probably wondering why the change all of a sudden? What’s behind it? The reasoning? Well, you came to the right post! If you haven’t visited before, my blog used to be called “Absolutely Darling.” I outgrew Absolutely Darling because as a person I’ve changed and that’s okay. I’m truly finding who I am, accepting my flaws, and loving every piece of myself. This is something that’s taken a long time and I’ve wanted nothing more.

If you’re wondering what eccentric means, there are various definitions but the one that stood out the most is: an individual which displays behavior that’s not of the norm. Hate to break it to ya, but why would you want to be the “norm?” I’m not the norm. I’m not you, her, him because I am me. It also means weird and different, which totally describes me too, but felt like I needed to state a more professional definition.

The Eccentric Edition in three words: real, raw, me. I’m so happy to say I’ve come to the realization that I’m not sorry for who I am. I’m unapologetically myself: I ask way too many stupid questions, I’m loud, I’m outspoken (I say many things that should never be said), I spend way too much money on food, I tend to be very sassy (especially when its something that I deeply believe in), most of the pictures on my phone are of double chin pictures, my arms are open to everyone I meet, and I love way too much. I’m me and I’m not sorry for it. That’s the true meaning behind my new brand, The Eccentric Edition. Be boldly you, and don’t think twice about it. I learned, and it took years, what better way to live life than to be yourself.

I’ve watched closely over the past year, we often say “sorry for being…, sorry for talking…., sorry for this and that….” It’s finally coming to an end in my book, to stop apologizing for things we believe in and things we strongly stand by. Unless you’re hurting someone, then sorry shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. You are you and that’s final.

If you chose to follow along on my journey, I encourage you to never apologize for who you or who you’re learning to be. I want The Eccentric Edition to be a place where you can visit and be yourself. Be the loving, quirky, outspoken, shy, whatever self that you are and have no regrets.

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  1. Chelsea Owens says:

    I love this post and photos and you! This is so amazing!

  2. Incredibly proud of your and this decision! What a great name to represent such an AMAZING gal! Keep representing the unapologetic parts of life ♥️💪🏻

  3. YOU’RE AMAZING MARANDA!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see your future posts!!!!

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