Tips on Getting Re-inspired

To begin – I want to make one thing clear, being uninspired is okay. It doesn’t feel good at all, but to be honest, we should start looking at getting uninspired as a good thing. It means you’re growing, changing, needing to go out of your comfort zone. Honestly – it means you’re bored, in my own opinion. While scrolling through Pinterest, I once read “you don’t grow if you’re comfortable.” How long will it last? Who knows? What I do know is that so many people go through an era of being uninspired.

In my own experience – I was a creative rut and was definitely in a season of discouragement. During this time – I kept telling myself blogging and being an influencer is becoming so saturated and that was my excuse for why I was getting bored and uninspired, but every other field is saturated as well. Think about it…there a million nurses out there, every company has a marketing team, people are creating their own businesses on a daily basis, and so on and so on.

If you only get one thing out of this blog post, remember, it doesn’t last forever unless you let it.

Some tips from my own experiences:

Put your creativeness or thought process towards a different area, go out of your comfort zone. 

Try something new. Your imagination will go places and it will be refreshing. Read a new book and pick a new genre, take a painting class (with wine, obviously), create a new coffee mug in a pottery class, switch up your running route, rearrange your room. Okay…you get it! It’s time to switch up your area of expertise.

Being uninspired to me is a feeling of boredom. You’re used to whatever you’re doing. Therefore – look at this as being fun, you’re going to try things you’ve never done before! Have fun with it!

Take a break, but don’t stop working.

You’re allowed to take breaks, just like you take breaks when running (LOL, if you run like me, you take lots of breaks).  But don’t just stop because things get hard or frustrating, come on you’re better than that!

When it comes to being an influencer or creative, what I mean by not stopping is don’t stop your research. Stop posting on social media and your creative outlet but don’t stop trying to figure out your niche. I vow to taking breaks because people can see right through your genuineness and if you don’t mean what you say. Sometimes I have nothing to say and that’s okay. Keep working with new photographers to find your mojo, buy 20 presets and play around with them, download Lightroom and watch Youtube tutorials on how to edit your photos like a pro. If you’re in a rut, the only person going to get out of it is you.

Step away from social media. 

Taking a break from social media is a hard one because social media is an outlet to turn to when you’re bored, but it’s also the outlet to play the comparison game. The cruelest game there is, especially when you’re not feeling like yourself. You’ll wonder why she gets more likes, how can she/he afford that trip, I wish I had her/his body.

I started to stop putting my energy in wondering about other people and started to channel my energy towards my creativeness and experiences. Seems like common sense, right? Easier said than done because our brains aren’t programmed that way, but just like how we programmed to compare, we can program our brain to un-compare. Another quote I saw while scrolling through Pinterest is “God (or whoever your higher power is) didn’t ask us to be him/her, he asked us to be us.” Ever wonder why we don’t have someone exactly like us? Because that was on purpose.


Don’t have to explain this one too much but just travel. Go explore. Whether it’s somewhere new in your hometown/city or whether it is an extravagant trip, get up and go. Don’t tell me you don’t have money, because most of us don’t. I just love traveling to new coffee places because each coffee place has it’s own story. Get a breath of fresh air and a taste of something new. Learn a new story, talk to a stranger, and dive into a new culture. Not only will it do wonders to your inspiration and creativity, but it will open your eyes and remind you to slow down and enjoy life.


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  1. I love these tips! I definitely need to get re-inspired.

  2. I’m so happy I discovered your blog! Such an inspiration.
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