The 411 on Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Ugh, I have a confession to make. When I was in third grade, I really wanted glasses for some reason. SO, when I went to the eye doctor, I maybe have lied on some tests just so I could get glasses. Did anyone else do that? Or am I just a little rebel? Well, karma bit me in the a** because now I’m pretty much blind (not really, but I do need to wear my glasses a good bit).

I’ve had glasses for over ten years and this past year, I’ve recently discovered blue light blocking glasses. Wow – my world was turned upside down (why couldn’t I have thought of that).  After hearing about the glasses and what purpose they serve, I realized how much I stare at my computer screen and phone. I knew that it couldn’t be good for my eyes. I thought that the only thing I could do to prevent further eye damage is limit my time on my computer and phone. But that’s a problem…you can’t limit your screen time when you have a full time desk job and live in a world full of cell phones and social media. The solution to my problem – the powerful blue light blocking glasses. I was thankful to find this solution, especially after researching on what blue light does to your eyes. 

Digital strain. The number one medical condition that blue light (also referred to HEV, High-Energy visible light) from screens causes is digital strain. Digital strain is discomfort in the eyes that lasts two hours or more after the use of screens. The symptoms include: headaches, dryness, redness, fatigue and blurred vision. Digital strain is temporary but it could lead up to macular degeneration, which causes blurred or no vision of the vision field. Which is so scary and something I never thought of before! Since I grew up watching so much television, I never thought of it as a problem but then we were introduced to cell phones, high tech laptops, tablets, and more. 

S0 – thank god for the chic blue light blocking OTIS+GREY glasses from Visionworks because not only are they trendy but they give me the protection I need to keep my eyes healthy.


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  1. Being a working woman (9-5) andddd using all my spare time to blog/vlog and edit edit edit… my eyes grow so freakin’ tired. This is super smart.

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