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How to Survive Holiday Stress

Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays but they can be freaking stressful. Money? Family drama? Presents? Time? As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized there are so many ‘parts’ that come along with the holidays. It’s not just waiting for Santa to come with our presents. It comes with much more responsibilities, but like anything else, there are always ways to deal with the stress.


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HAHA totally kidding, but alcohol helps (a lot). No – I am not alcoholic. I am talking about making it fun. Search on Pinterest for a fun holiday drink to make on Christmas/Christmas Eve. This year, we’re having a holiday drink competition. My best friends family and I are splitting into three teams and we’re each making a different holiday inspired drink. Then, the judge will pick the best one. It’s a way to kick back and relax! 

Budget your money

This might be so cliché but seriously, keep a Christmas/NYE fund. Each month take x amount of money and put it in an envelope. Then come Christmas time,  you’re still able to buy the presents you want and still have money for your bills, gas holiday dinners and etc. Sometimes when the holidays are over, you’ll even have extra money for yourself. 

Spare gifts

Around the holidays, there’s always something going on: Christmas brunches & dinners, college friends get togethers, work Christmas parties, and more. Didn’t know there was a gift exchange or was there a person you didn’t know about? Keep an extra gift in the back of your car or around the house, that way you’ll always be prepared. 


I’m just gonna say this about volunteering…it will make you realize how fortunate you are. I always procrastinated volunteering, but it’s so easy. Go to google, type volunteering around (your city) and usually a volunteer page will pop up with multiple opportunities and break it down into section. From there, you can choose if you want to work with children, donate to the community, spend time with the elderly, etc. I would recommend doing it in the beginning months because volunteering is extra popular during the holidays (Yes, I know sad. Something we should be doing all year round). 

Forget perfection 

This should be top priority. Forget perfection, your family and friends are there to spend time with you. Whatever you get them as a present, however you wrap it, and such doesn’t really matter. As they always say, “it’s the thought that counts.” One time, my best friend gave me my present in a grocery bag and it was the most thoughtful gift she ever gave me. 

Spend as much time off of your phone 

Everyone’s holidays are different. Just as we compare looks on social media, we compare our holidays. Invest as much as you can with the people you’re with, listen deeply to the conversation and fill the laughs in your belly. The memories will last but the moments go by quickly. So be focused and invested in the people around you. 

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