Welcome to the little place on the internet where you can unapologetically be yourself.

I’m Maranda, the owner, and creator of The Eccentric Edition. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA with dreams of traveling the world. You’ll soon learn that I’m in love with pizza (if you ever find any memes with pizza in it, be sure to @ me) and my dog (which I call my sissy because I’m an only child).  I am currently a Marketing Assistant for a non-profit for my full-time job. I have been blogging for almost a year and it has been my passion, or as I like to call it my “baby.”

I’m nothing short of real and raw when it comes to this place of mine on the internet. I’ll show you my double chins and tell you when I shave one leg and not the other. Hopefully, I won’t scare you away too much. Maybe even one day, we can exchange double chin pics (JK).

For now, hopefully, you chose to follow my lifestyle tips, raw + real stories, pictures of my pizza, and how to’s.